This page is still under construction : is an Australia-Bangladesh's fastest and leading source of Bangla news, delivered in both Bangla and one page of English on an interactive, integrated media platform. It construction had started out in early 2013 as the Australia’s firstest  24 hours Bangla web-based news.

It is a born with new ideas, new outlook, new visions for new generations of news-hungry Bangla cyber cafe lover's. Specially  Australia's Bangladeshi Community People's.

As a Editor,Mohammed Abdul Matin & Bangladesh Bureau Chief Ataur Rahman headed a new-look team of experienced, talented, multi-tasking, high-energy staff gathered from across the profession to build a faster-moving news.

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                Ataur Rahman
      (Bangladesh Bureau Chief)


Mr Ataur Rahman  is a senior journalists leader and organizer. He was born in Gazipur at village Haydarabad on lst march 1963. He completed his masters in commerce from the department of Management of university of Dhaka in 1985. He joined the Bangladesh Journalists Rights Forum- BJRF in 1999. He started his professional career as a district correspondent of the Dainik Desh in 1981. Later in 1985 he joined with National Bengali daily named daily Janata as a staff reporter. He is the founder editor of the weekly newspaper named Bhawal establish in 1992.
In his professional career Ataur Rahman also worked with the Bengali dailies like Muktakantha, Banglabazar Patrika.
Throughout the career he contributed a lot in the profession as an active organizer journalist union. He has been working as an active member of the sub-committee (social gathering) of National press Club since 1999. Several times he was a elected members of executive committee of Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) . Now he campaigning for the rights and safety of journalists and their unity on common issues of journalism in Bangladesh. He has written and published various articles on the environment, agricultures, health, food and traveling, political and social issues & journalists rights and journalism.
He is the author of a historical book " The Genealogical of the king of Bhawal and the Saint of litigation" (Bhawal Rajbangshaw o Shannashir mamla).
He was one of the founder and member of first executive committee of Dhaka Reporters Unity for the period of 1995 to 1996. He was one the founder and executive committee member of Gazipur Press Club. He visited the gulf state Qatar on 11-14 November 2000 as a state guest with Prime Minister entourage and covered OIC conference. He visited South Korea, Nepal, Srilanka, Hong kong, Singapore and India as a journalists leader and speaker and also participated various International Conference and seminar organized by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and Asia Journalists Association-AJA.
Mr Ataur Rahman is the founder and Principal of Bhawal Ideal Academy. He is also actively involved with various educational institutions and social organizations at national and local level.